Park Models versus Manufactured Homes

Do you know the difference between a park model and a manufactured home? Some think those terms are interchangeable but at Agave Village, we know they are not. Let’s take a look at each residence.

Park Models

Park models or a PMRV (Park Model RV) is beginning to gain real traction among other factory-built housing. These are interesting because they are a hybrid between an RV and a manufactured home. Built according to RV industry code, park models are often made in the same facilities producing manufactured homes so modern design and upscale quality prevail.

These residences are primarily designed for a permanent or long-term placement where mobile home and RVs are allowed… like at Agave Village! Park models get connected to the utilities necessary to operate appliances and home style fixtures.

For example, Agave Village offers an existing new park model with an Arizona room, a washer and dryer closet hook up as well as a 10 foot by 10-foot deck for $25,900! Without these additions, the park model is only $10,000.

You can see a nice variety of park models for sale. Check often for special deals!

Park Models versus Manufactured Homes | Agave Village

Manufactured Homes / Housing

These homes are built following a federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD code). They are made in a factory as single- or multi-sectional units. After construction, the modules are brought to the site and put together.

Because manufactured homes are built in factories, there are no weather delays during construction. In fact, they are almost indistinguishable from a traditional home and can also be fully customized. While manufactured homes are generally less expensive than traditional homes, they are normally priced much higher than park models… but not at Agave Village!

Brand new Single-wide homes are $14,900, and for Ground Set option is $19,900. Both new home options come with 1-Year FREE Rent too!

The Park Model Extras at Agave Village

There are extras that come with the park models… they sit in a resident friendly, pet-centric 55+ community! Here you can easily make new friends while enjoying the grounds and amenities of living at Agave Village.

Water aerobics, horseshoes, shuffleboard, pickle ball or billiards, bocce ball, heated pools, relaxing spas, internet access, and several hobby rooms with onsite computers are all popular and round out Agave Village… and the true meaning of community.

Our Mesa, Arizona Agave Village welcomes you to our home, our website and to browse our park model homes. Visit us here for more information about Agave Village!

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